We supply essential support services for emergency first responders (Cal Fire – U.S. Forest Services). When there is disaster (Fire, Hurricane or Tornado) we are there alongside to set up and operate their base camp facility. A base camp in its simplest form is high quality provision for the most basic human needs. Food, Clothing, Water, Shelter, Sleep and Safety.
Our company is a California based company that primarily deploys within the state however there are occasional deployments to other states. Our primary support area is Central & Southern California, The Inland Empire and San Diego with additional secondary support in all areas of the state.

A base camp includes mobile command centers, sleeping tents, laundry trailers, shower trailers, generators, kitchen package, dining facilities, light towers, water trucks and refrigerator/freezer trucks. The “Base Camp” is a place to eat, sleep, clean up and rest while first responders are deployed to address the disaster. We are relief to those dealing with the disaster and fighting the fire. We set up, operate, sustain, tear down and re-ready a small town.

Our POD is the fact that we are the easiest company of our kind to deal with because disaster relief agencies deal directly with our Owner or GM. You don’t wait for an answer from us. We are centrally located in Santa Maria. Our equipment is state of the art and we can mobilize inside of 90 minutes from the call.

We are currently relevant because California is the highest fire danger state in the United states of America in terms of acres burned, structures lost and lives lost. Unfortunately we have a lot of work, a lot of the year. The situation we support is unfortunate but the service we provide is necessary.