Mobile Laundry

Each of our laundry trailer systems comes completely staffed – ready to accept, wash, fold, and return laundry within a 24-hour period. No water or power hookups necessary. These completely self-contained laundry units are efficiently operated and powered by our low-noise generators, integrated potable water tanks, and onboard gas water heaters. Individual washers and dryers ensure full laundry service for camps up to 1,000 people per trailer.



Our laundry units have high efficient commercial grade washer and dryers that process laundry in a very efficient method.   We have established a tracking procedure that ensures laundry is processed and returned in a timely manner that is All Clean every time. Our mobile laundry units are designed to work in remote locations and are ideal for disaster situations.

  • Trailer, 12 Washers and Dryers
  • 40’ Trailer, 15 Washers and Dryers


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