Power Generator & Electric

All Clean’s line of portable, sound-attenuated generators provide all the energy solutions you’ll ever need – no matter the task!



Each of our generator systems feature excellent voltage regulation with power controlled within 1% of mean voltage, simultaneous single- and three-phase power, a fully-covered power panel, voltage selector switch or voltage reconnect board, complete instrumentation, and a brushless generator design.

  • 2 Kw Portable Generators (Gas)
  • 3.5 Kw Portable Generators (Gas)
  • 6 Kw Portable Generators (Gas)
  • 25 Kw Ultra WhisperWatt Generators (Diesel)
  • 200 Kw Portable Generator (Diesel)
  • 45 Kw Ultra WhisperWatt Generators (Diesel)
  • 60 Kw WhisperWatt Generators (Diesel)
  • 65 Kw WhisperWatt Generators (Diesel)
  • 70 Kw Ultra WhisperWatt Generators (Diesel)
  • 85 Kw Ultra WhisperWatt Generators (Diesel)
  • 100 Kw WhisperWatt Generators (Diesel)
  • 125 Kw WhisperWatt Generators (Diesel)

Electrical Distribution

Reliable, safe, and efficient electrical distribution services.125V/20 Amp Electrical Spider Boxes & Power Distribution Panels.

Light Towers & Glow Bugs

All Clean light towers are powered by a hefty 13.6hp diesel engine, providing ample bright light for any application or setting. These units are quality engineered and mounted on a heavy-duty trailer, designed for the most rugged of operations. Features include quick disconnect functionality, robust cabinet, larger fuel tank, hitch options, cold weather packages, brake options, and electrical winch systems.

  • 4 Bulb, 30’ High Light Tower
  • Mini Light Standards, 2 – 500w Lightheads
  • Tent Lights
  • GloBug Lighting

Climate Control HVAC

Our climate controlled units offer all-in-one services for all your air conditioning, area cooling, dehumidifying, and portable heating needs.

Our systems are completely self-contained and portable, providing 3.5 tons of cooling and 42,000 BTU per hour of heating output. These self-contained units offer a supplemental 11,000 BTU per hour heat strip for effective heating when ambient temperatures are very low (20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit range). Supplemental heat strip requires separate 230V-50 amp circuit. The remote thermostatic control has a 50-foot cord and the filter is easily replaced. UL listed for outdoor use and is rated at 230V-30 amp, single-phase power.


  • Over/Under Ducting Design for Efficient Direct Connection
  • Meets ENERGY STAR Requirements
  • Climatuff® Compressor
  • Wrap-Around Coil Guard
  • No Fan Belts to Replace
  • Top-Mounted Motor
  • Internally Insulated Cabinet for Quiet Operation
  • Multi-Speed Blower
  • Includes 50-foot Power Cord, Connection Boots, and Storage Bags
  • Full Tube Frame with Lifting Bars for Easy Transport and Protection
  • Baked-On Powder Paint (Powder Coated)


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