Mobile Kitchen

  • Potable Water Truck – minimum 1000 gallons
  • Grey water truck – minimum 1000 gallons w/250 gallon bladder bag
  • Food prep trailer -48 ft. with 600 Cubic ft refrigerator, 600 Cubic ft
  • Freezer and minimum, 32 sq. ft. counter space. 2 food prep sinks,
  • 1 additional hand washing sink, hot and cold running water.
  • Lighting package w/power for kitchen (includes power cords)


  • Support/Refrigerator 28’ trailer with operating instructions stairs, ramp or lift gate
  • Hand Wash Trailers include 12 basins, hot and cold water, soap, towels, 1000 gallon grey water storage, 500 gallon potable water storage, set up, tear down, daily cleaning, and operator.
  • Scullery (dish washing) trailer 5 wash basins for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing. Automatic commercial dishwasher, counter space and rack system for air drying dishes. All Clean provides adequate staffing to meet a minimum 90 minute turnaround time.
  • Generator – 125 kW 120V-240V capable of 50 amp single phase and 3 phase simultaneously
  • Forklift- minimum 4000 lbs. – Off road capable with pneumatic tires
  • Shower unit ,4 heads with appropriate supplies and twice daily cleaning for kitchen crew (includes potable and grey water storage) Laundry – 2 washers/2 dryers with appropriate supplies
  • 2 Tents (550 sq. ft. ea.) with sides, floor, insulation package, HVAC and power for sleeping kitchen crew
  • Canopy for feeding – 3600 sq. ft. minimum with lighting and power
  • Canopy for Kitchen – 800 sq. ft. minimum with lighting and power
  • Canopy for dry goods storage – 800 sq. ft. minimum with sides, floor, lighting and power
  • Canopy for hydration cover – 400 sq. ft. minimum with lighting and power
  • Canopy for salad bar – 600 sq. ft. minimum Tables and chairs for 500 people 20 garbage cans 32 gallon minimum
  • Refrigeration Trucks


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